Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Abstract 8a ‘they are coming’

Abstract 8a A wall of text, an experiment I wanted to see what would happen if I tried using text without its usual partner in comics the word ballon. I what I think is interesting is how this changes how we view how text operates in comics, it is the image. If you're keen there is some interesting discussion in the comments.


  1. Funny, a fellow I know (who was at some point planning to submit something to the anthology--wonder what ever happened to that?), Jacob Lyon Goddard, did some similar experiments last year--here they are:

  2. wow, wow, wow! Those comics are awesome, better than mine in fact. Can you post as a post on this blog they are to good to hide.

  3. yes, I really like those! like Cy Twombly comics!

  4. yeah....

    Andrei gave me a great chance to be in his book but i was going through some personal trauma and completely blew the deadline.

    i regret it to no end, but hope to be in the next one

    jacob lyon goddard


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