Saturday, May 16, 2009

Glitch Comic

I was inspired by this website that purposely corrupts jpg images to create glitch art.

I popped one of my images from a panel that will be in the book and let it go for several derivations.

I pulled them all up in photoshop and played around with the order of them.

Finally, pulled my favorites onto a blank "page" and made this little comic.

I think this would have worked better if I'd had a bigger image, but cool nonetheless.


  1. if you like the idea of glitched up comics, you might enjoy my b&w "glitch poetry". one can download the whole of my book _noology_ freely from

    a few of the pages include comicsy frames.

    it's great to see more visual glitching going on.

  2. If I may, I've been doing a similar thing at:

    Except it's entirely "untouched" -- in other words the glitches are the result of a slow computer, interenet problems, etc. All I've done is crop and post the images.


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