Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Chase: Page 4

As I was making this page, I liked how it looked when I had finished inking just the letters, so I scanned it as it was. I may still decide to put a few pages like this in the final version, or maybe I'll make a second book with just pages like this.


  1. I'm kind of missing a sound track - like "Shaft" or something. Anyway I do like the story (esp. because my manga set of pens ran off of ink). Keep up with the good work! (I know I say something stupid but I like this blog, and I feel I have to encourage people to show their work - just egoist behaviour on my side, as I follow the blog and want to be amazed, so I feel posters need to know they are followed - smile you're on cctv). Go! go! go! (yes, please keep up posting - thanks).

  2. I am loving this series Grant - can't wait to see it in book form.

  3. Thanks folks!

    Your encouragements are appreciated!


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