Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Chase: Page 5


  1. Another great installment - I am liking this one more and more as you go along. Looking forward to the next pages....

  2. Thanks Dick! I have a few more pages done, but my wife is having twin girls this week.

    We'll see how my comic making holds up with two newborns in the house!

  3. Oh wow!!! Congratulations. I imagine things will be hectic with two new little ones in the house. Might be inspirational! At any rate, I suppose you are now the proud father of two. I wish you and your family love and look forward to the next installment whenever it may come.

  4. From experience, your output will decrease by about 99% for the two weeks after you get a newborn in your house. And you've got two!

    Great work, though, really enjoying this series.


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