Friday, September 9, 2011

Journey via randomized narrative (selected)

Hey all. I'm heading out to SPX in DC and finished up a project for it. You've seen a few steps along the way, and here are some of my favorite pages. Used a pretty interesting process to put it together (a lot of banging my head against the Flash wall). From the book:

Journey is an experiment in introducing randomization into comics narrative using abstract imagery. The main construct is a collage of several photographs of industrial structure: bridges, subways, skyscrapers and so on. An engine was created to programmatically generate the size of the panels, the size of the structures within, and their location. Out of hundreds of generated images, the ones included here were selected and manually ordered, interspersed with straightforward shots of the larger construct.


  1. this looks fantastic. love the sharp edges and twisted forms & that tiny piece of text in there - good luck with it!


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