Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reign of Blood

Animation of my comic Reign of Blood. Inspired by the Slayer song Raining Blood from the album Reign in Blood. See the original comic here.


  1. Hey Andrei, maybe do an animated video set to this?

  2. I didn't do that, that's Draw who posted it. (And, by the way, I love it!)

    But if you want to see my own animations, here they are:

  3. Thanks Everyone.
    @ Iguanodonstudios
    I have mulled over making a music video out of it. I asked a friend of mine who makes video art to have a go. We used the original Slayer song and when watching it the music took over and the animation felt like it needed to be in time with the music. Anyway I wasn't happy with it.
    That is a fantastic cover of the song.
    @ Andrei
    Really good animations on your site I particularly like the brain one.


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