Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spidey and Ab Cmx, and a couple of other announcements

Some of you may remember my old monster post on Ditko's Spider-Man of almost two years ago, and how I promised there would be a second part to it. Well, that second part mutated into a proper scholarly article, "Abstract Form: Sequential Dynamism and Iconostasis in Abstract Comics and in Steve Ditko's Amazing Spider-Man," which is now available in Matt Smith and Randy Duncan's new edited volume, Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods. Please check it out if you get a chance.

Also, I have some abstract comics coming out in periodicals: in the Canadian literary journal, Carousel, in the Yugoslavian comics journal Stripolis (actually, they came out in Stripolis no. 2, earlier this year, but I haven't seen a copy yet), and in the Swedish anthology C'est Bon, I guess in issue 13. Having already been published in Swiss, Portuguese, and Australian anthologies, I guess this is all part of my project of world domination...


  1. Congratulations on all accounts, Andrei! Hadn't even heard of that new Critical Approaches.

    I've got something (not strictly abstract) coming up in Carousel too.

  2. Hey Andrei,

    the volume of C'est Bon Anthology you're appearing in is #16, just to clear that up. I guess the confusion is due to our lack of website update, but we're setting up a proper blog in the coming weeks.

    Congratulations on all the good news!
    Allan Haverholm

  3. Thanks, Allan! When is it going to be out?

    I just got my copy of "Critical Approaches to Comics." Looks good.


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