Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Lode" by Veronica Graham

I got this in the mail a few weeks ago. Lode is a beautiful book, printed on semi-transparent vellum, so that at all time what you are seeing is not just the pattern printed on one page, but several designs superimposed, the ones on top the sharpest, the ones below more faded, in a strange parallel to something like atmospheric perspective. While the book's opening abstract compositions soon turn out to be topographical plans, which slowly become populated by houses, cattle, and so on, such abstract sequences are striking enough on their own to warrant being displayed here. Furthermore, I think they interestingly parallel my own attempts to find "found abstract comics," if you will, in Google Earth images--and so could easily have featured as an exhibit in the argument I tried to make about abstract comics and emergent systems.  It's a fascinating object, and highly recommended.  Given the transparent nature of the pages that I mentioned, simple scans won't do Lode justice, but that's the best I can do.  Here is the book's opening sequence:

And here is a sequence of pages from later in the book:

See more photos on Veronica's site.

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