Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Six Distinct Spaces, gouache on paper, 1939.  Found via Pascal Blanchard

As I wrote on Facebook yesterday, in the comment thread to an update where I linked to the Christian Bonnefoi works posted yesterday:  "I'm not showing these necessarily as comics, any more than I show the Archies as abstract. I show a lot of stuff that would interest people who like abstract comics, even if it's not specifically AC."  What intrigues me here is not necessarily the sequence, but what Thierry Groensteen might dub the "iconic solidarity" of the panels, which is a feature of comics in addition, and complementary, to sequentiality.  See my earlier discussions (here for example) of iconostasis and sequential dynamism, and of the interdependence between the two; from that point of view, the title's claim of "distinctness" strikes me as intentionally ironic.

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