Monday, July 27, 2009

Gavin the Grasshopper enjoys abstract comics

I was reading "Monkey Business" by Wallace Edwards to my son tonight, when I noticed something interesting on this page:

Look at one of the comics on the bottom left. Here is a detail, turned 90 degrees for your viewing enjoyment:

This is clearly a grasshopper with good taste--after all, right next to that abstract comic is an issue of "Waw," no doubt edited by Ant Spiegelman.

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  1. banana oil & cats pajamas!

    man, that is just too rich!

    heh, Ant Spiegelman, no doubt, "Waw"!

    yep, the grasshopper knows what is best, better lissen to 'im, he learned the hard way about partyin' & fiddlin' all day insteada gettin' ready for winter, now this particular grasshopper is obviously as comics litterati, as well as a psychedelic leaf-head, dig that keerazee rug...

    ...i wish i had wallpaper like that when i was little, i recently saw an art documentary & this guy had this insane Murakami wallpaper (superflat Murakami is a marketing genius, & does it inna way that ain't too awful bad, ethically speaking), the his kids room was deck'd to the hilt w/ some crazy-ass wallpapers... thing this post does point out, is the importance of kids lit, & i think it was really cool when Spiegelman & co. did their Little Lit thing, i mean it's wide open & it's really amazing how far into life & how deeply embedded early childhood experiences remain with us...& i have came across a few example of kids lit that were done inna very abstract way...i'm continuosly impress'd by the inventiveness of kids lit authors/artists, of course there's also alotta crap b/c the market is so big...but for real, some of the kids lit stuff stands as true masterpieces...

    ..have you ever considered a kids lit book Andrei?

    i bet you could knock it outta the park!'s incredible really, an artist can actually make a living at it...i mean, i ain't ashamed one bit to say i totally dig J. Otto Seibold...among others, the kids lit artists, at least the smart ones, have a certain creative advantage & when executed in full, the results can be amazing!

    = )

    cool post man!


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