Thursday, July 23, 2009

odds & ends

comics on tv: on Australian television, there is a recent trend to use speech balloons & thought bubbles, in many ads & promotional clips. is this happening in other places?

Lynn Alexander's pieces at would work as abstract comics for some people. a few of them remind me a little of Andrei's backyard abstracts, & some by Marc Van Elburg which look like house plans with other bits superimposed.

Kris Bather wrote a marvelous review of my book noology, & is able to read it as an abstract comic!

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  1. hellyeah tim!

    & Kris is correct, right off the bat,
    noology is a great title & fits
    lectriclive like ac/dc because indeed
    yr oyo's izza noo thru look'n at a wayz
    to maze gainst grainz inna glitchflipp'd
    dreamonium times, for real, diggit mucho
    'cause yr oyo's link yr 12345fingers678910
    thru brainz like gaze, yr name, man it fits!

    i've been really behind on my postal mailings,
    but hopefully i'll scoop sumshit up soon to
    zoomthru airoceans, i've been broke 'n jobless
    & stress'd for deth inna nomic ecommy crunchtime,
    just like ery'body elses...

    ...any timeline for when the next ASEMIC MAG
    will drop?

    lightningstrikes brother!


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