Friday, July 24, 2009

speechless speakeasy

( i'm curious,
do y'all think this comic is abstract or beanworld? )


  1. Does it matter which one it is? I think that's totally amazing! Is it hand-drawn, Troy? Hand-colored? What's the size?

  2. I think it's post-abstract pseudo-realist.

  3. Troy, I think it's delightfully


    Happy to bump into you over at Mariana's Infinity Palace, do stop by some time at

    beyond the pale

  4. Troy,

    When I came by earlier I thought this was


    but now that comment has disappeared and I'm not so sure...

  5. Note--TC, your first comment had not "disappeared," I just had not yet had a chance to moderate and approve it.

  6. Andrei
    thanx, i sent you an email w/ more details...
    i was delighted when a while back you mentioned something about Beanworld in relation to a-comix, that was one of the first comics i found outside of the hero genre & the minimal style & animated aspects kind of blew my mind...i just start thinking about all the differing degrees possible w/ a-comix y'know? somewhere there is a definite line to be drawn as far as abstract/representational goes & it's kind of interesting...i was unsure whether or not this style was wholly abstract, or if it was too "fluffy"...i kind of like this style tho...

    = )
    po-ab psueurreal!
    sometimes i get hung up w/ categories, there's so many variations of approaching something & each approach has a value all its own -- but sometimes the container is unavoidable, it seems everything fits into a certain slot...& value varies according to that slot, for instance, one of my favorite abstract expressionist painters is Norman Bluhm (mostly his later work), but since he falls into the "2nd generation abstract expressionism", he remains almost unknown & largely neglected...the whole notion of value, in arts & poetry, is just something i've been banging around lately...

    cool to see you here!
    thanx for the comment & song!
    i like the way it carried over, perfect!
    ah, i might've seemed a little crazy there on Mariana's blog, talking about McKenna, reindeer piss & shamanistic ritual, heh, i had drank a very nice stout bottle of wine & was rambling loose as a goose!
    = )

  7. Aah, the old posting-while-inebriated excuse...

  8. = D


    a Spanish Calatayud old vine Garnacha 14.5%


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