Friday, September 11, 2009

Over There Biting the Hand That Obscurely Vshzibmph

I'm actually more of a critic than an I've done what I do best (relatively speaking) and reviewed the anthology over on my own blog.

Short version: I liked some of the work a lot, some of it not so much, but I was impressed with the case it made for abstract comics as a coherent, albeit incipient, tradition, and felt lucky to have been a part of it.


  1. It's funny that you chose to base your initial expectations on Tucker's review, when there have been so many more positive reviews that indicated what the book was doing right and how it *was* coherent... But, in any case, I'm glad in the end you managed to see past that.

  2. I saw Chris Mautner's review as well. Tucker's a friend and somebody whose opinion I respect a lot...which isn't to say I don't disagree with him frequently. (And I like Chris' writing too.)

  3. You really don't think that Tucker completely lost any credibility with his utterly unwarranted last sentence?

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  5. I'm with Andrei - that was a pretty lame review Mr. Tucker wrote. I think we could see a pattern of this in other reviews: setting up a strawman of AbCx as pretentious and snooty, not like REAL comics. There's a real anti-intellectual streak in the alt-comics world.

    It's a sign you've done something great with the book Andrei - it's disturbing people.


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