Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Next?

So now that the exhibition is up and the books is out, how can we use this community forum? I've got some ideas--would you be interested in doing any of the below?
  • Sequential abstract story with different artists: We could have someone start a story, and then another artist chime in with the next section, and so on (one by one).

  • Simultaneous abstract story with different artists: Similar to Andrei's evolutionary drawings before, we could have reinterpretations of a single piece, building on top of one another's work.

  • Further thematic exhibitions or gallery events: We could get a group together to respond to a specific prompt and have an abstract comics event on that topic.

  • Any other ideas or suggestions?


  1. I'm tempted to do a book where I redraw a page by each of the other artists in the anthology. And maybe redraw one of mine too, for good measure.

  2. how about a collaborative novel, where somehow, everybody's contribution meshes together. with a few constraints, something coherent would probably emerge.

    for me, abstract shapes sometimes give a hint of the unformed pre-thoughts going on in my head. so a novel-length collection of abstract pages might give a sense of the ticking of a person's mind.

  3. Tim, if you want to run that, I'd be up for it.

  4. great ideas!

    Tim - please count me in, if it's possible.

  5. me also.

    there are so many different strategies & ideas in the book it will be interesting to see which have legs and where they walk to.

  6. 1. Draw more abstract comics

    2. ???????

    3. PROFIT!

  7. 4. Get Warren to actually post something of his on the blog.

  8. Maybe that's #2!!!!!!

    Ok, I promise to post in the next week.

  9. Good ideas. Maybe there should be an abstract comics zine once a...year?
    I think it would be nice to collaborate, maybe we can start another blog for that where 'everyone' reacts on the work there.
    Practical..well difficult maybe but very worth working out.

  10. 1. I like the collective novel idea
    2. also maybe some jams somehow whenenever some of us are actually physicallyy together
    3. I think some crossover with Christian Hill's Gallery Comics idea would be great --- i.e. we plan a show where everybody does something intended as an exhibition comic (as I usually do, I realize), e.g. a poster, an installation, a painting, etc.
    4. Celebrate your fabulous book!

  11. Mark--

    you and I will be together in Chicago in February, where two other contributors--Noah and John H.--also live. Maybe we can plan for a jam then!

    If we follow up on Nina's idea, I vote we do it on this blog, not start a different one.

    I'd be happy to do something with Chris's Gallery Comics thing, but that site has been very inactive (I know, I'm at fault too, as I'm supposed to be a contributor). As for planning shows, I'm out of that game for a while, it takes way too much time and energy and I want to get back to making my own comics. But if anyone else volunteers to organize one, I'm glad to participate.

  12. By the way--if anyone wants to start one of these things, just post and start it!

  13. glad the idea of an abstract graphic novel has a few people interested.

    in 6 months time, I'll have time to co-ordinate a project like this if anyone is still interested.

    some suggested constraints:
    black & white
    handmade only (i.e. not with a mouse & software)

    a theme:

    the difficult point: finding a point of coherence between everybody. would it work to say "every page must include at least one sweeping curve"? or "there must be one or more dots on every page".

    a fixed number of pages per contributor, or a range, such as between 8 & 12 pages each?

    if another person wants to run a project like this in the meantime, I'd be glad to contribute.

    I'm inspired by the novel S, by 7 authors (Mathews, Polizzotti, Greenlee, Rolin, Delay, Deville, Echenoz). I haven't read it. just the idea of a novel with multiple authors strongly appeals to me.

    it would be polite to invite francophones in french, & other folks in other languages, if we intend to begin these collaborations.

  14. frames would possibly the hardest thing to get coherent, if a group of people make pages for a novel.

    my preference is for no frames at all, but maybe that wouldn't be an abstract comics thing any more.

  15. Andrei you are right. Not a new blog, I was just worried about think get messy when collaboration and other post mix here.

    Tim I would like to work on a novelproject, your start seems a very good idea to me. I will think also about practical things and suggest thoughts when I think they are useful. Size working with is maybe an important thing? Maybe fixed frame around and then everyone can make his own page within?

  16. Andrei,
    I agree and think EVERYTHING should tie into and appear on this blog. Blogs have a tendency to proliferate and splinter. Let's keep a clear "home base."

    I start thinking about show opportunities for us all.

  17. Hi there,

    I've got (I think) an interesting idea. I participate in mail-based art thing called "the international moleskine exchange". Basically, how it works is this:

    -Form a group of participants
    -Each participant acquires a Japanese (accordian-fold) moleskine sketchbook
    -Each participant draws the first 2-3 pages and then mails it to the next person
    -Each draws the next 2-3 pages in the book they receive
    -Repeat until the book is full

    I think this could lead to some really interesting work.

    Check out what's been done with this concept so far here:


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