Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three more in black and white...

1. Shoreflight (2003)
I had rejected this one from being considered a comic but now I'm reconsidering:

2. October 13th, 2004
This one I made leading up to the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election (It had absolutely zero effect on the outcome):

3. Trescape (2008)
Last year, this one was displayed in City Hall here in Portland, Oregon
during Comics Month which is April, as decreed by our mayor (I'm not kidding):

Thanks again for looking!


  1. i'm confused. this blog is called "abstract comics" but this is the only group of "comics" i see so far. possibly the one above of cloth and shoelaces is also a "comic" although i don't know how to read it as such. the other posts on this page are animation, drawings, paintings, cartoons and photographs. are all the other postings considered "comics"? is animation sometimes also a "comic"? thank you for your patience with my inquiry.

  2. Sorry I didn't answer you sooner. My band was playing a "comic":)

    Kidding aside, I think everything up here is at least related to abstract comics in some way.

    The examples of animation on this blog use multiple panels within the frame so they are really 'animated comics'.

    I'll probably be posting some examples of animated comics that I made in film school soon, as well as an animated version of one of my comics (each panel played in sequence in the same frame, which of course would make it not a comic anymore.)

    I hope you keep looking and asking good questions, whoever you are...


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