Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pencil drawing

doodled earlier tonight:

mechanical pencil with HB lead on 12" x 9" Bristol.


  1. Reminds me a bit of the Anders Pearson work in your book. I found that work (and this) captivating. Some of my babysteps into abstract comics posted on my blog were inspired/influenced by Pearson's work.

    Your piece here is almost like a sketch plan for abstract sculpture. It really foregrounds the capacity of image in sequence to capture/imitate/work with gesture. The image even seems a bit like a hand.

  2. Thanks, Jonny. Actually, this continues a style of drawing I've been using since college. My 2003 mini, "Yam Seal Land," was very much in this style, and I come back to it now and then.

  3. I really enjoyed this as well. The form really comes to life. The non-abstract image my brain applies is an amorphous form attempts at becoming a hand.

    you show great use of a skill I struggle with quite a bit and that skill is creating depth and detail through subtle and simple shading techniques

  4. Thanks, Aaron. You give me an excuse to post a link to the other kind of art to which I've returned recently, and which most helps (in my experience) to get that kind of skills:

    And here are some older examples:


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