Monday, January 18, 2010

RAW BOOK (pages)

click here for the booked version


  1. Wow! The "booked version" is intriguing on so many levels. I really like the play between its objectness and its digital representation (which may be the same thing). The latter imitates the flipping of book pages, but it is so clear that the pages on the screen are not in the same order as they would be if I held the object and simply flipped the pages. All of which raises really interesting questions about where the art resides.

    So, when my mind wraps itself around that little conundrum (incompletely!), I then focus on value shifts within and between pages/panels/screens. Those value shifts happen on the crinkled (raw?) pages, but also now importantly in the play with the black background.

    Wow, Rosaire. I'm going to have to keep processing this one. I think you've crossed into a kind of digital postmodern performance art, rife with playful self-referentiality and paradox. AND I LIKE IT!

  2. Stunning, in the physical play of light and color on the crumpled pages, and in the witty intersection of artist and paper, making something out of almost nothing. Bravo!

  3. This book is mind blowingly amazing!


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