Friday, January 22, 2010

two pages


  1. I can hardly wait to see the finished comic book, Nina! Is it pretty close to completion?

  2. I really like the tension between right angles and the more organic forms/shapes. And I am fascinated by the little black square on the lower right. Not sure why. Seems like a playful disruption to the "logic" (flow?) of the rest of the page(s). And, well, not.

    I am really excited to learn this is part of a larger book composition.

  3. Andrei, I'm close to complete several chapters. Not sure about the size yet, I printed the page on A5 for a better overview. Workin' on it!

    Bungy, thanks for your comment! I think the pages look a little better on a white background, you can check this on my weblog :
    Maybe I will publish more pages together one time here. For now it is an adventure to work things out at my studio...
    Will take a good look at your Bungy notes very soon!


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