Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abstract Art Jam

September 10, 2009, "Under the Volcano" pub, E 36th St., NYC, sometime after 10 pm. Culprits (in order of appearance): Kevin Mutch, Nina Roos, yours truly, Richard Hahn, Matt Madden.

For some reason, Matt and Kevin felt obliged to disavow that unobtrusive toot...


  1. that's nice Andrei!
    Somehow my name is in dark fat black, but I didn't draw with that kevin signed with my name, or there was a strange changing pencil movement into the darkness of the cafe.....well the fardflow on the left is mine, on the right not for sure!
    I think the drawing endend up very cool. Thanks for posting.
    Who did it is still the question...

  2. Nina, I drew the toot, I fessed up on the bottom (har har har) of the page.

    I remember asking you and Kevin to sign your names a while after you had actually drawn on the page, so you signed with the brush end and he signed with the pen end.

    End. Har har.


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