Monday, September 14, 2009


Any chance that some photos of the exhibition and/or the opening reception can be posted? I would love to see some since I couldn't make it.


  1. great post, I will make a poem out of it. (did you receive my email?)

  2. There was an official CUNY photographer there who took TONS of photos. I'll ask to see if they can send us some, or if they've already been posted somewhere.

  3. I am frankly confused by pszren's comment; how was Draw's simple question a "great post" or something to make a poem out of? It sounds suspiciously like spam, but pszren has posted what seemed like legitimate comments before. So, as the administrator, I'll let it go through, but I hope he will come back and explain what he meant.

  4. Andrei: yay! that would be awesome. He did contact me after my interview,sent me a link to this:

    Pszren: yes I did get your email and I am interested.

  5. Ok, supposedly in a few days we'll all get in the mail two copies of the exhibition booklet and a CD with pics from the opening and installation pics. It'll probably take longer to get to the antipodes, though...

    Can't seem to open that link. Is the "great post, will make a poem out of it" comment somehow connected to it? Because otherwise I just don't get it.

  6. thanks Andrei, you know my way into abstract comics was strictly connected with protesting against censorship:

    and about the poem, it's quite simple:


    Any chance
    that some photos
    of the exhibition
    the opening reception
    can be posted?

    I would love to see some
    since I couldn't make it.
    on the right side it goes more abstract.

    one could even use it for a shelter and become a philosopher :)

  7. psz--it was not about censorship, it was about the possibility of it being spam! Spam typically tells you "great post!," and I have to reject at least a few of those every week. That's why I was confused, because--no offense to David--it was just a straightforward question, and I couldn't see what made it "great" compared to most other straightforward question or informational posts on this or any other blog.

  8. ok, but did you like my use of David's question?

    (is there any way of becoming a contributor of this blog? since I found it, I had many new ideas about creating abstract comics, I also found my older ones. I mean if it's not possible, it's still ok.)

    I knew blogs, where people create comics together, but not abstract comics! (I didn't know other people take it seriously). I would like to follow your example, and start a similar project.

    besides from comics, I am also interested in poetry, and in putting the two arts together. I wrote and published poems about comics, comics about a poet, and I create poemics - which is an art between poetry and comics.

    if any Author creating abstract comics would be interested in taking part in the poemics project, it would be great! I mean, if someone experiments with one thing, why not with another?

    you wanted spam, you got spam! :)


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