Tuesday, September 15, 2009


here are a couple shots. the first one tickles me, as it shows all the various, tristate-area luminaries of abstract comics reading my book (lumakick #2). thanks to jeffrey and julie of jim hanley's universe and all two people who showed up for the signing (lou and jean anne!)

(from left to right: Janusz Jaworski, Patrick McDonnell, Alexey Sokolin, Andrei Molotiu)

here's a shot at the CUNY james gallery. thanks to linda norden and anna conlan for organizing and hanging a stellar exhibition

(center: the back of henrik rehr's head)

on another note entirely, it was great to see/meet you guys over the weekend: andrei, janusz, alexey, patrick, derik, henrik, anders, nina and nik roos, and karl and oliver from mocca. hope to see you guys again when the movie comes out

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