Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brett Bergmann, "The Noise of Their Leaving"

Blog reader Brett Bergmann sent me a link to his short abstract film, "The Noise of Their Leaving," which is composed of "background elements from a famous mid-century French film... meticulously sampled, cropped, and displaced." If you know your history of cinema at all, you'll be able to figure out the source even before the end credits. Brett also describes it as "an abstract piece of visual non-narrative," which fits in pretty well with what we all do over here. I think it's gorgeous, and only wish it were longer.

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  1. Before it started, I was expecting Last Night at Marienbad for some reason — if any film is a natural fit for abstraction... — and then I realized I was close. I liked it, especially the end when all the signs fall like rain and there's that quick burst of layered, textural montage. The sound was fantastic too, creepy and haunting.

    Seems like true avant-garde film like this (and Brakhage's painted work, etc.) is a good analogue for what you guys are doing in Abstract Comics


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