Thursday, September 24, 2009

Around the world around the world...

Review of the Anthology in the Berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel

Iffy Google translation of same

Further blog post by writer of Der Tagesspiegel review, in English

Review by Pedro Moura from Portugal, in Portuguese

Basically incomprehensible Google translation of same (must be something about the syntax of Portuguese...)

Japanese-language review of "Silent Pictures"

Google translation of same

The extremely tentative accuracy of the Google translations basically exempts me from trying to excerpt them, but scan them and see if you can get the basic gist for each. They seem to be very good reviews, as far as I can tell!

Also from Pedro, I should add, comes this pretty cool YouTube preview of the Anthology:

And, as long as I'm embedding videos:

Play both of them at once!!

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  1. You're right - Portuguese doesn't fare too well with Google translation. I had some work of Pedros that I ran through Google and it was almost incomprehensible but when I got his "hand-made" translations the writing was clear and delightful.


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