Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Because the sky is blue...


  1. fajna sprawa, po prostu rządzicie!

  2. wow, I was checking out if you censor things in other languages than English :)

    by the way, the cloud comics made me think about Alvaro de Sa and his poetry

  3. I feel your other comic Overgrass is better.

  4. So Draw, are you sayin' that the grass gets you higher than the clouds?:)

    Pszren, thanks for the link to Alvaro de Sa's cloud-dialogue-balloon comics.

    Here's one I posted a while back that you might be interested in:

    and of course the pieces in the book by Crumb, Trondheim, Ibn al Rabin, Janusz Jaworski, Geoff Grogan and Noah Berlatsky that make interesting use of dialogue balloons.

  5. I thought a lot about Cloudpeace, I got inspired by it, and now I am trying to draw clouds with blue letters such as c, s, and o.

    interesting names! (I'll use google in some cases, and some I have seen thanks to this page. I only knew Crumb, although other names sound artistic too).

  6. Pszren, that's great to know you were inspired by this! I'll look forward to seeing your cloud-letter drawings!

  7. ok, so here is my smog cloud (as it is not blue):

    the works from your webpage are great!

  8. I like it a lot! It would be great to see a series of 3 or 4-panel strips like this.

    Thanks for looking at my webpage (I have a lot more I should add there, including all my black and white abstract comics.)


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