Saturday, September 19, 2009

Animation (for Bruce Conner)

Let it play for a while...


  1. looks really nice! (and did You get my email/what do you think about my question?). I am starting a series of abstract comics. If you guys here don't find them abstract, I'll shut up.

  2. I really enjoy this. Timing is everything.

  3. Thanks! I've actually now decided it's called "Fugue (for Bruce Conner)." The abstract imagery I animated derives from a (static) remix I did of a Bruce Conner drawing. The layout, however, relates to the De Kooning I illustrated in the intro to the Anthology. And the manipulation of the timing--well, actually that derives from Nancarrow, and maybe from Steve Reich too.

  4. Great Zeus! this is really awesome and so is Bruce Conner.

    I've been watching a ton of great abstract cinema and animation. I highly recommend Len Lye, Hy Hirsch, Pat O'Neill, early David Lynch 16mm animation, and James Whitney.

  5. Thanks! Yeah, I adore Bruce Conner--especially his drawings, actually...

    Did you see this?


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