Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review of "Silent Pictures" on SVA Continuing Education blog

Again, hard to excerpt. Read it here. It also has a lot of nice pics of the installation.

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  1. nice pictures, great questions asked (directly or indirectly). or did I ask the questions, influenced by the review? I thought about the borderline between abstract comics and visual poetry. is it only the question of presentation? I know, they say that such categorizations don't work anymore, but well, are these artists aware of the fact, that "anything describes anything"?

    would you consider at least some fluxus poems abstract comics?

    as it was mentioned earlier on your blog, one can find symbols and action in some of the works presented here as abstract comics. I don't say abstract comics are wrong or that you are wrong in any way, just wonder about matters such as form.

    I started a small project "bezsensu - where abstract comics becomes visual poetry and vice versa". I hope I will publish it somewhere (on a webpage, in a brochure or both).

    best regards to all of you,



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