Monday, September 7, 2009

Confuratis from Requiem of Mozart

A kind of friend of me, perhaps at the viewing of this blog, have the project to
"draw" music. For her it was a kind of abstract Comic. You have here and extract
of the first page, the music is the Confuratis requiem from Mozart.
Sylvie-Anne ménard are teacher of classic music in Montreal university and comic
drawer from few years.
It was possible to hear music and see comic here :


  1. That's beautiful! Did you see this post I made back in July, with Anne Adams' similar transcription of Ravel's Bolero?

  2. Hum non je n'avait pas vu, merci ! Les pages de Anne Adams sont absolument magnifique et intéresante : du beau travail.

    En effet on peu faire un rapprochement avec les pages de Sylvie-Anne, celle-ci a une connaissance très approfondit de la musique en général. Elle explique un peu sa démarche ici :

    Ce qui est présenter sur ton blog demande d'aborder le médium d'une manière plus large que ce que l'on rencontre traditionnellement. Un bond en avant fantastique !

  3. I remember some visiting artist that came to my school a long time ago who did visual transcriptions of music, but he wasn't too good because 1. It was all smooth jazz and 2. The drawings blew.

    I like the idea and this one seems pretty nice. The biggest problem with trying this is to match the temporal aspect. You can fly through a page of drawings but music unfolds at it's own pace.

  4. Lovely! But I believe it's "confuTatis"

  5. This is quite like what I am doing. :)
    I'd like to advertise mine musiccomic blog "Robukkagenerator":

  6. This is one of my favourite comics on the site recently. Its awesome


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