Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Contest part II: "Nautilus"

Ok, I guess that contest was too easy. It certainly was over in a flash. Marcus and Kevin are getting their prizes, but I decided the fun didn't last long enough, so here is one more chance to win. This time, I'll make it a copy of my book "Nautilus" with a big dedicatory doodle inside it, based on a word of your choosing. (Admittedly, this also gives me a chance to promote my own book on this here blog, which I've kept meaning to do but just never got around to. Until now.)

So, here it is, "Nautilus," published this summer by Fahrenheit Editions from Copenhagen. (But it's in English!) I have a couple of copies left, though I will get more in a couple of weeks. Distributor Tony Shenton has picked it up, so it should be available within the next month or so in your better comic-book shops--your Quimbys, your Million-Year Picnics.

So, here's the contest, and I daresay it will be harder than the previous one (though I've been known to be wrong). Identify this musician:

If nobody gets it in 2-3 days, I'll give more hints. I suppose I could do a contest asking you to identify some obscure piece of abstract art--but what fun would that be?

Of course, if you don't win, you can also order the book from me directly, for $23 postpaid (in the States). As I said, I should have a good number of copies arriving from Denmark in a couple of weeks. (I should add that, in stores, it will unfortunately have to be more more expensive than that.)

Oh--and Marcus and Kevin? If you know this one, please let someone else win. But email me with the identification, I'd be curious to see if someone gets it.


  1. Actually, thinking about it, they're pretty similar artists. I began googling about a bit, and noticed they get compared quite often. I know I said I wasn't going to give any hints yet--but there is your first one.

  2. Nope. I told you this was going to be hard!


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