Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abstract/Comics 2

Jacksohn Sevellock, "Lavender Varmint":


  1. really? this isnt really abstract comics (well, it is) but it's more like another high minded attempt from a conceptual artist who doesnt get it to talk about comics as "pop art". You can usually tell how inane the commentary is by the inclusion of what the artist feels is 'kitsch' imagery- the 'klunk' 'blam' text. it's not about comics at all, it's just some out dated pop art mimickry.

  2. Actually, Mr. anonymous--that was a joke... This is the "abstract comics" blog, but I used the excuse of the title to combine an "abstract" and a "comic" (kind of like a pun, see?) "Jacksohn Sevellock" is Jackson Pollock plus John Severin. And the image is Pollock's "Lavender Mist" superimposed, in Photoshop, over Severin's splash panel to "Varmint," from Mad no. 1.

    Sorry to explain a joke, but I guess sometimes you have to...


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