Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vocabulary of emotion--cumulative results (so far)

In the spirit of Alexey's own work (just you wait till you see his piece in the anthology), I combined the responses so far--Alexey's, Mike's, Joumana's and mine:

Here it is without mine (because those big blots tend to overwhelm everything):

And here are mine and Mike's combined (I thought they worked well together, especially "femininity" and "peacefulness"):


  1. It's amazing how, in the last one, Mike's lines seems to elucidate your blots and they make sense together. I would never have thought of trying to combine them, this is so interesting. It's giving me ideas for activities in the gallery I moderate :D

  2. Awesome, you caught my secret agenda! :) Really looking forward to playing with these, and love the diversity so far.


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