Thursday, April 9, 2009

The growing ab. com. diaspora

One of our readers has been inspired by this blog to try his hand at his first abstract comic. Check it out!


  1. abstrct cmcs

    ab. cmx.

    i left a comment,
    i've had freetime
    as of late, you may
    have noticed my crazy
    commenting sprees!

  2. Maybe "ab. cmx." works even better. I honestly get tired of typing the entire two words over and over again!

    And, Troy--yes, I've noticed your commenting spree lately. I've actually felt bad about not being able to keep up with it--especially to respond to all your comments on my own blog. Sorry! I'll try to catch up.

  3. To all the talented artists, commentators, and fans of Abstract Comics: thank you for the link to my site and keep up the tremendous work.

  4. Thanks, Matt! And, you're welcome! Actually I have a longer comment to post on your piece, but no time now...


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