Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brandl: Litho comic

Here's another recent 3-stone lithograph i made which exists as a print (one sheet) and as a leporello-folded comic book. It is titled Self-Reflexive Mark, with and obvious play on my name. It travels between abstraction and representation, beginning left with images of the three tools I used to make the piece (and usually use), traveling through some "homage" abstractions, to the self-portrait on the right, based on the full length, life-sized self-portrait painting in my last painting-installation, here only a "detail," my hand with the brush.


  1. nice. 'leporello-folded' - a single sheet fold? where does that term come from?

  2. Thanks Rappel. "Accordeon-folded." Leporello is Don Giovanni's manservant in Mozart's opera is named Leporello. He is obliged to help his master in his amorous adventures, keeping watch for him when he seduces ladies. He has a huge, foldout list of all the femail conquests, that opens like an old wallet photo-thingy. Thus such accordeon-fold single sheet books have become known in printing as 'leporellos.'

  3. that's beautiful, thanks. I also have made many leporello-folded works and now I have a new term for them.


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