Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A comic using found slides. I thought since I mentioned in the previous post's comments I might post a couple of images from it.

Sliver page 9Sliver part 2 page 9
For those interested there is a 40 page book version of this comic which I recently made see here. I really like the indistinct quality of the content in the slides. A comic about memories and nostalgia.
Sliver page 1


  1. It also seems to be about finding things and putting them together until they make some kind of friction. 40 pages is a long distance to keep a viewer's attention - I'm interested to see how you do it.

  2. Hi W, I'm not to sure how to respond to your comment.
    I have 23 pages of the comic online on my website you could have a look at
    If you are really keen I could sell you a copy of the book

  3. I am really keen so will get a book. No reply needed, it's a great piece.


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