Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jamie Alder (Bill Shut), "The Continuing Adventures of Flash Sage"

Here is one of the pieces that Jamie sent me a while ago. It was originally published in his minicomic "Tales Too Tough for TV" in 1979 (in issue no. 2, I think). When he sent it, Jamie wrote: "Flash Sage is a mutated anagram of splash page and is basically 9 splash pages and the story is an ongoing metamorphosis and whiten that the images go back and forth between concrete images and abstract. This one was inked by my brother Kelly Alder."


  1. great seeing these, intense drawing!

  2. Beautiful! Once again, it is a real shame.

  3. WoW. I haven't seen these pretty much since I worked on these with Jamie. It has been something like 30 years since we did them. I'm sure I have a copy of it packed away somewhere but where that somewhere is, is anybodies guess.

    It's great to see Jamie's comix work getting this kind of exposure. It's just too bad he's not here to enjoy it. I'm really missing him, he really was an amazing older brother. Very supportive and nurturing. Art wasn't necessarily encouraged in our house but Jamie was always there to share and educate whatever it was he was into at the time.

  4. Always loved Jamie's hand-drawn art, there should be an anthology (take note all you publishers). Happy Trails to an original!


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