Saturday, April 10, 2010

La Ballata del mare salato - L'Autre fin du monde


  1. wow - these are gorgeous, do you have more information?

  2. beautiful. these look like they could be played by a small ensemble.

  3. Nice, Alex. I feel there is a key to these--the way they are connected to the original texts. What is it?

  4. I guess that there is a color for the "background" (maybe a different color for different places in the story), and for each character in the stories. The colors of the characters do add up if they appear in the same panel, so each small panel is the color-sum of the characters appearing in it. Is it something like that ?

    What I like especially in this work (except that it's always good for the ego when someone gets inspired by one's work) is that even by simplifying the two stories to such a synthetic level, important differences do show up in the way the narrative is developed. Even without reading the two originals, we already see that the rhythm is completely different.

    Thanks for these !

  5. (sorry for my english)
    That's it : each square is a picture from the original comic, and the colour is determined by the character(s) in it.
    I mixed when there was several characters (I have to confess that I have been more meticulous for L'Autre fin du monde, because I developed the manner to make it with La Ballata).
    I can explain more precisely but unfortunately in french.
    It is a pleasure to see the interest of you all (and above all including one of my main references)

  6. like it :]

    somehow the colorcombi's it makes me happy!

  7. These sort of remind me of an artist ( I can't remember who) who took films and distilled them down to small colored lines. They were sort of crunched and then combined into long color bands that presumably were reflections of the original movie.


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