Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abstract Comics workshop in Moscow!

Russian artist Protey Temen wrote to tell me that, inspired by the anthology, he recently led an abstract comics workshop for high school students in Moscow, at the British Higher School of Art and Design.

The participants were: Anastasia Amirova, Tatyana Afanasenko, Natalia Byvsheva, Natalia Vikulina, Anton Vinogradov, Maria Gracheva, Veronika Gricay, Elena Zhernakova, Andrey Ilyaskin, Evgenia Kan, Daria Karaulnik, Marya Kizerova, Maria Kiseleva, Kristina Kostyleva, Polina Krasnova, Alexey Lixonov, Alla Miheeva, Maria Novoselceva, Elena Popova, Anna Roshina, Vladlena Sinyanskaya, Anna Slobodskaya, Daria Studenetskaya, Tatyana Suhova, Oksana Tretyakova, Ekaterina Fedorova, Maria Fedorovskaya, Oksana Shaytanyuk, and Anastasia Sheygas. Here are some of my favorite pieces that resulted (I had a hard time matching pieces with names--but if Protey or the students who made them write to tell me who made what, I will of course add the credit):

You can see more pictures of the workshop, and download a pdf of the 64-page book that Protey and the artists in the workshop put together, here.



  2. this is possibly my favourite post so far at this blog.

    watching this culture grow, from the ground up, in many locations, is exciting.

    the works in the PDF are rough, simple black & white, which appeals to me.


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