Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here's some interesting stuff from the Luscious, which is a project that describes itself as:

"luscious pays homage to fashion designers and photographers, those who compose rousing images of light and color that fill the pages of glossy magazines. The piece is our attempt to distill their visions into abstract compositions.
To create the images in luscious, we began with a series of magazine advertisements for luxury brands. We then used a custom algorithm designed to extract “peak” colors from any picture (much like our Wired anniversary piece). A random arrangement of concentric circles fills the plane, representing the essential colors of each region. The resulting image hides context and representation and lets the viewer concentrate on pure color."


  1. Wow, that's really beautiful. Both as a final object and as a concept. Except, now I want to see what it looked like before the algorithm was applied. (Is that wrong?) ;-)

  2. I love your process it is super interesting.


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