Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best comics of the decade update: Warren Craghead III

Well, we may be 42nd on Ed Howard's list, but Warren's magnificent How To Be Everywhere is 22nd.

In the same list, at number 21, is Omega the Unknown, mostly illustrated by Farel Dalrymple, but featuring pages (one of which is illustrated in the review) by our own (may I say that?) Gary Panter. I bet there will be more Gary in the top 20.

May I also point out, from yesterday's list, that Richard Hahn's Lumakick is at no. 54, and friend-of-the-anthology Bob Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics at no. 53?


  1. Thanks for continuing to post about this, Andrei. Good guess on more Panter in the top 20, which is now posted as well. And there's a few more that are at least easy to imagine in an abstract comics follow-up book: I'd certainly love to see what Mary Fleener, Kevin Huizenga and (especially) Yuichi Yokoyama could do with the form.

  2. Thanks for the huge shout-out Andrei. I know i don't post or anything but I lurk like crazy here and enjoy what you guys are posting.


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