Monday, February 8, 2010

Divisors of 360 Resulting in Whole Numbers: Dot Gradient

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  1. this looks huge - like it should be seen on a wall not a computer screen. it reads more as a chart than a strip to me, but I don't care, I like charts a lot.

  2. I thought about this as a possible reaction. (Technically it is not a chart, but rather a visual list) While essentially it is a list of the numbers contained within the set, they do go in numerological order which results in the sequence functioning effective as gradient as well. I felt that this brought further significance to the intended sequence and therefore cemented it as a strip in my mind. I have seen many pictoral lists as comics (in Evan Dorkin's "My Favorite Things" strips from Dork for instance) and this strip is more sequential than those.

    So, to cut through the blah blah I think it is both a list and a strip.

    Also, I wanted to thank you rappel for being a frequent commenter. Comments let me know that someone is looking, and your comments always show me that someone is thinking as well

  3. nice optical effect, Aaron.

    they could be images of electron distribution in atoms.

    yours also remind me of the Voronoi diagram & rounding error patterns at

  4. try

  5. thanks Tim! I loved the work I saw on the site you suggested.


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