Friday, February 12, 2010

page from a harsh noise graphic novel

here's a page from Cementimental's untitled harsh noise graphic novel, or harsh noise album in book form. more details at

each page is a world unto itself: there are many different styles in the book. I don't think there's an intended reading sequence. I tend to open to a random page, enjoy it for a while, then turn to another random page & so on. for some people, this means it's an example of ambient comics.

Cementimental is also a noise musician & circuit-bender.


  1. if I didn't already own this book I would buy it again - for its relentless intensity. it would be fantastic to do an equivalent of it - in words.

  2. i was very excited 'reading' this book

    i think i would describe the experience as being 'experiential'

    it seemed to speak to the lizard brain in me

  3. Wow - amazing post - I love this a lot. Will definitely be checking it out. Thanks Tim!!!

  4. Wow - this is an amazing post Tim - thanks so much for bring Cementimental t my attention. The art is just amazing. I went and checked out their site and will have to buy the book for mself. Clearly a work of genius.

    Thanks again for the great post.


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